The Clay Monet creates unique handcrafted designs in polymer clay…  from glassware to stoneware, decorative journals, jewelry and much more.

The Clay Monet uses artistry to embellish all types of drinking vessels such as wine glasses and water goblets turning them into creative and functional conversation pieces.  Through sublimation printing I am able to take my original designs using digital photography and enhancement to create amazing one of kind tote bags, leggings, scarves, ornaments and more.

Home décor is another element of design from skull banks and steer skulls to decorative mirrors adorning them using various polymer clay techniques.  Ornately accented in glass beads, gemstones, metal charms and mosaics then finely finished in specialty powder, paints and glazes for a completely one-of-a-kind item.

No two items are exactly a like not even sets as each is created by hand by The Clay Monet!

Please check out my high definition digital photo gallery on Flickr:   Flickr: The Clay Monet